Our Focus:

Kazawest is focussed on a single core principle – delivering the highest level of service, quality and value to property owners & occupants. Our service quality leads the industry while our clients reduce their costs. We are able to achieve this due the effectiveness & efficiency of the operations as well as our unique approach to service delivery.

Pure and simple, the #1 priority at Kazawest is customer satisfaction.  Period.

We take pride in the quality of our service.   If it is ever not right, we’ll fix it.

Excellent property management creates value. Strategic purchasing & proper maintenance reduces costs. All of this means increased value for our clients.

Comprehensive Services:

Our team is dedicated to the success of our client’s real estate operations.The Kazawest approach to real estate management is unique and truly covers the end-to-end operations of real estate. We believe that property management and real estate development go hand-in-hand.

We are real estate operations experts who understand the fundamentals of building construction. We are property development professionals who understand what optimal real estate management is all about. It all comes down to delivering value – and our optimized delivery structure allows us to maximize value to clients.

You will find the expertise at Kazawest that covers the spectrum required for end-to-end coverage of the needs of property investors & owners.

Efficient Delivery Structure

When we talk about efficiency we mean it. We streamline service delivery so it is faster, better quality, and lower cost – and this permeates right through to the way we have structured the company.

Unfortunately, ineffective delivery structures have become much too common. There is a better way – the Kazawest way. Which of the following property management structures would you prefer?

The Inefficient Structure

Kazawest’s Delivery Model

The decision is obvious – the other approach is inefficient, results in less control, and drives up client costs. The better approach is the Kazawest approach – delivering a more efficient structure, more control and cost reduction.

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